Oregano Arofyta 30gr

CATEGORY: Aromatic herbs

Organic Product

Oregano is a herb used in cooking and medicine. Scientists from Germany and Switzerland have identified an active ingredient in oregano, known as beta-caryophyllin (E-BCP) which helps in osteoporosis and atherosclerosis. One teaspoon dried oregano contains: Calcium 29mg, Iron 0.66mg, Magnesium 5g, Potassium 23mg, Vitamin E 0.33mg, Vitamin K 11.2mcg.

Greek oregano is a perennial plant and its quality is considered one of the best in the world.

  • It has many medicinal properties with the main active ingredient carbacrol
  • It is anti-diarrheal, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal
  • In the form of infusion, it is used for intestinal atrophy, expectorant for cough, aids hypertension and atherosclerosis
  • Its essential oil is used inter alia for toothache
  • It helps in chronic rheumatism


Keep away from children as eating oregano can cause stomach upsets if consumed in large quantities.


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