Lavender essential οil Arofyta 5ml

CATEGORY: Essential oils

Lavender essential oil is used in perfumery, soap making and cosmetics in general. Due to its antiseptic properties, it accelerates the healing of wounds, and in large doses it acts as a hypnotic and narcotic, so it is used to treat various neurasthenia.

If you have headaches, massage a few drops of lavender to the temples, the neck and the forehead area between the eyebrows.

If you have arrhythmias, gently rub the heart area with a drop of lavender essential oil two to three times a day.

If you have muscle stress, mix 25 to 30 drops of lavender essential oil with 200 ml almond oil and massage lightly.

If you have been bitten by mosquitoes, or generally have sensitive skin and often suffer from itching, lavender oil relieves you.

Due to it is anti-inflammatory properties, it helps reduce itching, redness and swelling in the skin. Apply two drops of the oil to the irritated area and wait 10 minutes until it is completely absorbed by the skin.


Lavender essential oil is widely used in aromatherapy, cosmetology, medicine and household chemicals.

The main components are linalooli, linalyl acetate, camphor, cineole, borneol, furfirol, lavenderulol and many others. other
For internal use, lavender oil has antispasmodic, soothing, antidepressant, antiseptic, diuretic and diaphoretic properties, enhances the secretion of gastric juice and intestinal motility.

Lavender oil is used for inhalation in bronchitis and pneumonia. It is very active against streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus and a number of viruses.

It has a stimulating and tonic effect on patients with disorders of the nervous system.
Facilitates insect bites and itchy skin.



Pour boiling water into a wide bowl, add 2-3 drops of lava. ether. oils and breathe 5-6 minutes.


Add 5-8 drops of eff. oils into water along with soap or bath shampoo. Bath time is no more than 30 minutes.


Take 10 gr. base oils (olive, almond, coconut, etc.) and 4-5 drops of eff. lavender oil. Rubbed lightly into a sore spot or do massage.


It can not be used during pregnancy, with low blood pressure or anemia and with individual intolerance.



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